Ragdolls are perfect indoor cats; but that is it – they are not the type to chase mice or other stuff a regular cat should do. This doesn’t mean however they don’t like to smell the fresh air from time to time; just be careful not to leave them unsupervised as outside their typical environment are pretty helpless – they can get lost, can be stolen easily (they really love strangers, especially the smelly ones), get hit by a car or worse, scare the crap out of your dog.

They learn very fast what should and shouldn’t do; this doesn’t mean however they are always doing what they should – they know it’s wrong but keep on doing it. Ragdoll cats can easily be accustomed to travel or wear a collar, especially if thought from a young age.

Ragdolls are maybe the most sociable cats. They are very attached to their owner and people in general and usually enjoy the company of other cats. Of course, there are exceptions (my cat being one of them – she really hates all non human species). As true family cats Ragdolls enjoy being with kids, just not the kind that tortures them continuously

Young Ragdoll kittens are usually quite active while older ones are rather well-tempered, calm partners. Often Ragdolls like to fetch tossed toys, others prefer a combination of a game of hide and seek and tag with you. They are always happy when you spend some time playing with them.

Ragdolls often answer in their soft low voice when called. Their sounds are very expressive and sometimes you think they answer you back.

If you need a lovable and ever trusting pet, then Ragdoll cat is definitely a good choice. They are the perfect combination between a dog, a cat, and maybe the small baby you don’t yet have.